Merbau, Versatile Hardwood

Merbau Wood also known as Kwila or Ipil is a type of hardwood which widely used in South East Asia. South East Asia has a large population of Merbau. One of the largest population of timber is in the island of Papua. Merbau woods is used for many application, ranging from construction, engineering, to marine applications. Merbau also featured in many houses as outdoor flooring, outdoor furniture, indoor flooring, indoor furniture, and indoor decorations.

Merbau is a large tree with up to 0.6 diameter and up to 30 to 50 meters in height. Merbau is a native tree to many country, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Fiji, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, North Queensland, Solomon Islands, Thailand, Madagascar, Samoa, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia.

Tropical forest is the place to harvest Merbau. Although tropical forest is the source to harvest, but many Merbau also harvested from other forest where there are inadequate controls . It is suggested you check with your supplier is their merbau have certification of not. Certification and chain of custody systems, including DNA tracking, will provide assurance that the wood is from legal and/or well managed forests.

Merbau, Versatile Hardwood

The beauty of merbau color is what many people looking for. With color range from light brown to dark browns, merbau have many attractive color that will give an effortless style to any place. When freshly cut, merbau have a yellow-orangey brown color or reddish color with aging. Merbau is very durable and resistant to many climate changes. It resistant to termites, kiln or air drying, exhibiting only a low degrade and very little shrinkage or movement. Easy maintenance, non-allergenic timber, and has attractive color what gives merbau a very valuable hardwood to choose.

Merbau is a very versatile type of hardwood. Because of its magnificent hardness and strength, merbau place an important role in wood industry. It is used from large scale projects to general construction. We can find many things made of merbau, from cabinets, furniture, joinery, musical instruments, boat building, and also merbau wood flooring.


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