In every woodworking project, you’ll need a flat board of woods as your basic material. For making a flat board, you have to cut it from logs. Different way of cutting your log will result different grain. So in order to get the grain as you wish for, you have to cut your log in a particular way. Not only that, your blade orientation to the log and its growth rings will also become a factor to determine what type of cut is fit for your lumber. There are three types of basic lumber you should now. Plain Sawn, Quarter Sawn, and Rift Sawn. 

Get to know 3 Types of Lumber Cuts

Plain Sawn

Also known as Flat Sawn, is the most common type of lumber cut you will find. Many people like to manufacture their lumber with plain sawn because it is the most inexpensive way to cut logs into lumber. This lumber cuts method starts with cut on a tangent to the circumference of the log, and then all subsequent cutting steps is made parallel to one before. With this kind of method, you will get the widest boards possible with the least amount of log waste. Cathedral pattern will display in your result wood board.

Get to know 3 Types of Lumber Cuts

Quarter Sawn

According to its name “Quarter Sawn”, first the log with be cut in quarter and then sawing it perpendicularly with the log’s annual growth rings. This method is cost higher, creates more log waste than, and narrower boards than Plain Sawn. But this technique resulting more amazing grain pattern than Plain Sawn. An amazing straight grain pattern will apparat on the face of the board. A lot of woodworker used Quarter Sawn Cuts Lumber for flooring, cabinetry, and furniture. In particular type of woods, this method will a popular pattern, such as “ribbon stripe” in Mahogany.

Get to know 3 Types of Lumber Cuts

Rift Sawn

Rift Sawn technique is very similar to Quarter Sawn process. In Rift Sawing, the quartered log is turned slightly off perpendicular before cutting. Resulting a minimum amount of flake on the surface of the boards. A linear grain pattern with no flecking is the result of this method. Rift Sawn lumber also known as radial grain. Rift Sawn is becoming the most expensive type of planks from a log, because it produces the most amount of waste than other lumber cuts.

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