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E2E or eased 2 edged wood is a type of wood products that Indo Jati Utama provides. E2E is made of a single piece of Merbau timber milled into planks. The difference of E2E from other merbau products from Indo Jati Utama is E2E only have 2 eased side, others have 4. Also there is no tongue and groove slot in E2E. Categorized into half finished material and often imported by traders or manufacturer to make flooring. Indo Jati Utama provides wide size variety of E2E from 15 x 50 x 300 mm to 18 x 120 x 900 mm. If you are looking for high quality solid wood flooring, merbau decking, lamparquet, and E2E, Indo Jati Utama Indonesia is perfect for you.


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Merbau E2E

E2E / Merbau

Provides best quality of unfinished wood flooring for manufacture or trading. CV. Indojati Utama, leading solid wood manufacturer in Indonesia.

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