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Wood decoration material is a popular material to use for decorating houses, offices, and other residential places. Decoration from timber or hardwood will create an elegant touch with the unique texture from timber. Not only for decking and flooring, but CV. Indo Jati Utama’s products also can be use for wall covering. One of which is lamparquet. Unlike other wood flooring, lamparquet has slight difference. It is very easy to install, just like a tile. So, not only for flooring, but lamparquet also can be install in the wall as decoration. Whether used as flooring or wall covering, lamparquet will still give an extraordinary fell for your room.


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Merbau Lamparquet

Lamparquet / Merbau

Lamparquet gives a modern look with easy installation. Indojati Utama from Indonesia provides best quality non slip decking, parquet from Merbau wood.

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