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Merbau Decking

The popularity of wood decking never dropped. Give simple yet elegant look to wherever it placed. Knowing the fact of wood decking popularity, CV. Indo Jati Utama has dedicated to give best quality of merbau decking for over 20 years. From natural grown merbau timber from Indonesia, we process it with advances technology to produces best merbau decking. Quality merbau decking is our main interest, so we have learnt and develop ourself to become leading merbau decking company from Indonesia. We manage to produce some best merbau decking products like non slip decking and e4e wood decking.


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Merbau E4E Decking

Smooth Decking / Merbau Decking

Create a smooth decking using Merbau E4E Wood Decking from Indojati Utama Indonesia. Provides lamparquet, non slip decking, parquet, etc.

Merbau Non Slip Decking - Reeded Decking

Anti Slip Decking / Merbau Decking

Looking for best Non Slip Decking for your home? Non Slip Decking from Indojati Utama is your answer. Solid Wood Flooring Company from Indonesia.

Hardest Timber for Flooring

Merbau is a very popular type of wood for hardwood flooring or solid wood flooring due to its durability. One of the hardest and most durable timber of all hardwood type and around 30% harder than oak timber. Not only for hardwood flooring, merbau is also used for wood decking, furniture, staircases, and other functions. Merbau wood is high weathering, termite and fungi resistant, making it highly durable for hardwood flooring.

Merbau gives Elegant Look

One main advantages from merbau as hardwood flooring or merbau decking is Merbau gives beautiful and elegant look for you place. You can find Merbau color ranging from an orangey-brown to a darker reddish-brown. Also Merbau have a slight golden threads interspersed in the grain of the wood, make it more beautiful. Merbau is very versatile. You can do whatever you want to match your personal liking. You can stain it, paint it, polish it to get a perfect appearance that you want. Most unique characteristic of Merbau is it bleeds a red color when wet, but don’t worry. With expert finishing, this will not be your concern anymore and merbau flooring can last up to 50 years after its installation.


Low maintenance type of Flooring

Very minimal maintenance is required for Merbau. Every places have different way to maintain depending on where you install Merbau. Example, in indoor room, you can place pads on the feet of furniture to avoid any indentation on your hardwood floor, trim the nails of your indoor pets to avoid scratches. For outdoor place where there is heavy foot traffic use rags to reduce damage from shoes and  heels. For cleaning Merbau, regularly sweep or vacuum it, this way will ensure that you flooring will maintain its beauty for a long time.

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