Solid Wood Manufacture Process

As a leader amongst other Merbau wood flooring manufacturers, we have dedicated ourselves for over than two decades to get to know merbau, because we understand that quality is one of the main thing in a business. Our products comes from best raw materials, processed by the experts with machines that we have prepared only for merbau and not other timber. Best quality can only provide by the specialist.


Logs and sawn timber selected manually through this process to maximize eficiency. And high efifency production help us to give you competitive price.


In this process, sawn timber length will be adjusted by cutting it into pieces. Our quality control understand merbau wood characteristic very well. By knowing which timber cuts are able to be process to the next step in order to give excellent result.


Our fully automatic oven is under 24hours supervision. It will help us to produce flat dryness level.


As a solid wood flooring company, we understand that precise measurement is one of important point in quality. We have produce our product using high speed moulding machine with sharp and flat knife. Quality control will make sure that the product result has been met high quality standards and measured using calibrated digital measuring devices.


Every single product is well packaged based on customer request. For example, our flooring product usually packed by carton box /m2, to help our customer distribute. We also can prodive you with every document you need (Certificate of Origin, Fumigation, BL, Packing List, Invoice, etc).


Our quality and business commitment has been well known amongst our worldwide customers. Through high eficiency production process, we can support you with competitive price without lowering the quality.

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