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CV. Indo Jati Utama is a merbau wood working company from Indonesia. We have been producing high quality solid wood flooring, merbau decking, lamparquet, and E2E since 1994. With a wealth of knowledge and experience pertaining to all aspects, high quality merbau wood timber, skillfull wood worker, and great service, we can guarantee an excellent business experience.

We believe that fully responsible forest management will give good impact toward us and our future. That’s why every single piece of our product is sourced from legally harvested forest. Under CertiSource Legality Assessment System and SVLK guideline, it is possible to track back through supply chains where every entity adheres to strict legal, social and environmental criteria.

CertiSource verified timber comes from sources and suppliers that take their social and environmental responsibilities seriously. With Double Helix Tracking Technologies as a third party auditor, scientific tests to independently verify species claims and control risk of substitution. Quality can also be affected by origin of harvest. Double Helix will make sure that product is traceable back to a known origin through ongoing verification.
CV. Indo Jati Utama, Indonesian Solid Wood Flooring Company

sucofindo timber legality certificate indonesian legal wood certificate certisource certificate


Merbau (instia bijuga) is one of exotic plants in Indonesia. The trees are up to 35-50 meters in height, and up to 2 meters in diameter. It is harvested from tropical forests conservation, not from any plantation. The seeds germinate well in full sunlight. Not a guarantee that the seed will get enough sunlight when surounded by the bigger trees. That is why bigger trees need to be harvested so that the seed can get high light intensity for optimal growth. The tree is slow growing and may attain maturity at 80 years.

High demand for this species, in some cases, may be lead to illegal logging. In the other hand, well managed forest, they still need to harvest the trees for regeneration. Legal wood from forest conservation is eqquiped with barcode that enable us to check the origin. Certification and chain of custody systems, will provide assurance that the wood is from legal and / or well managed forest.

Our Featured Merbau Products

Merbau E4E Decking

Smooth Decking / Merbau Decking

Create a smooth decking using Merbau E4E Wood Decking from Indojati Utama Indonesia. Provides lamparquet, non slip decking, parquet, etc.

Merbau E2E

E2E / Merbau

Provides best quality of unfinished wood flooring for manufacture or trading. CV. Indojati Utama, leading solid wood manufacturer in Indonesia.

Merbau Lamparquet

Lamparquet / Merbau

Lamparquet gives a modern look with easy installation. Indojati Utama from Indonesia provides best quality non slip decking, parquet from Merbau wood.

Merbau Flooring - Parquet T&G Flooring Four Sides

Solid Wood Flooring / Merbau Flooring / Tongue and Groove Flooring

Get you best quality solid wood parquet only from Indojati Utama Indonesia. Provides lamparquet, non slip decking, and unfinished wood flooring.

Merbau Non Slip Decking - Reeded Decking

Anti Slip Decking / Merbau Decking

Looking for best Non Slip Decking for your home? Non Slip Decking from Indojati Utama is your answer. Solid Wood Flooring Company from Indonesia.

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 Saturday, December 03, 2016
Merbau Wood also known as Kwila or Ipil is a type of hardwood which widely used in South East Asia. South East Asia has a large population of Merbau. One of the largest population of timber is in the island of Papua. Merbau woods is used for many application, ranging from construction, engineering, to marine applications. Merbau also featured in many houses as outdoor flooring, outdoor furniture, indoor flooring, indoor furniture, and indoor decorations.
 Sunday, October 30, 2016
In every woodworking project, you’ll need a flat board of woods as your basic material. For making a flat board, you have to cut it from logs. Different way of cutting your log will result different grain. So in order to get the grain as you wish for, you have to cut your log in a particular way. Not only that, your blade orientation to the log and its growth rings will also become a factor to determine what type of cut is fit for your lumber. There are three types of basic lumber you should now. Plain Sawn, Quarter Sawn, and Rift Sawn.

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We are driven to be your reliable business partner when it comes to Merbau Flooring, Merbau Decking, and other merbau products. Send us your inquiry and we are ready to serve you with our best quality products.

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Leading wood working company in Indonesia. Start from 1994 until now, we always expanding our works to provides export quality of wood flooring & wood decking.


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sucofindo timber legality certificate indonesian legal wood certificate certisource certificate